Saturday, November 16, 2013


we build our house in 2000.  My father in law build our cabinets from birch plywood. He did a really good job building them, but the kitchen lacked detail. The doors were flat and none of the cabinets went to the ceiling.  It was pretty plain. So about 5yrs or so ago I decided to redo and remodel.

I added drawers under all the cabinets.  Then I raised some to the
cabinets to the ceiling.
Added detail over the sink and
changed the cabinet under the sink to add some more detail.

I rebuilt my island, painted it black for a contrasting
color.  Then I added trim to the flat doors to add some depth and detail.  Paint it cream then stained

I liked it for a long time then it came time for a new coat
of paint so I decided to change it up a bit.  And maybe go BLACK!!!
I have always wanted a bar with barstools.  So I found this huge chunky leg  in my shop.  I only had one so I thought I would just rip it in two
and put it on a 8x8.  But my husband said he could turn me one on the lathe..  How sweet is that, he's so good to me.  So he did.
 Then I had this other awesome turning.  This one we did rip and put it on both sides of the stove.

I wanted to make the crown look bigger so I got a board and added more crown to it.


Bar starting to take shape.

I pulled off the trim on my bathroom too.

Stay tuned for the completed kitchen  refresh.
and   Christmas d├ęcor.......

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Master Bath
we have lived in, the add on apart of our house for about seven years.  With the master bath unfinished. So this was what I asked my husband for, for Christmas.
We had found this antique vanity at a yard sale about a year before.  I knew I wanted it for my master bath.  We cut off the legs and added taller ones.

 Detail on the mirror

So the sink and toilet are in, now I just need to decorate.
 I wish I could have got the whole thing in this picture, but it would not fit.  It tuned out super cute.  My husband made it, it held six pictures.

This one was a monster, it held seven (8x10) frames super cute.  The wood it was made out of was old and weathered.   Both these sold fast.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It's the most Wonderful time of the year!
That is if you ask me, I LOVE Christmas time. I put up my Christmas the first part of Oct. so I can enjoy it before I have to take it all down

Like these signes we made this year. They look
great by a front door.

candy canes are one of my personal favorites, like to have a lot of them lining my porch.

I have always wanted a set of full size carolers but am to cheap to buy them so I made my own

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

 The Pantry

I do alot of bottling and with a family
of ten there never seems to be enough pantry
space.  So I have had this project in mind
for quite some time.  I hadn't been able to get to it
 and the door was taking
up space in our shop,
so my husbnd threw it together on day.
Getting it into the house was a pain/ litterally a pain right in the back and everywhere else. But its finally in and holds a bunch of my bottles. Works GREAT. Looks GREAT, I'm very happy with it.

lots of trim and details in this piece
Doorknobs I LOVE to use Doorknbs

Close up view of the Top

Close up view of the base

I Love the way it turned out.
isn't it cute with the wreath on it can't wait to decorate it up for Christmas.  I also can see this with one of those burlap wreaths I need to make.
I think this piece would be cute in a bedroom to hold quilts,
or maybe in a bathroom holding towels and sheets

Monday, September 17, 2012

                        Junk in the TRUNK
        Heart n Home Boutique
did the
 Junk in the Trunk
over the weekend.  These are some pics from it.